EFE Plaxton Pointer Dennis Dart SLF

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EFE Plaxton Pointer Dennis Dart SLF

Post  Marty B on Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:26 am

I picked this recent issue EFE model of an Arriva Kent Medway Dennis Dart SLF. This is based on the Drumwell casting of the late 1990s, which has had a few modifications, such as a Pointer 1 style front. The model has good interior detail, with moulded cove panels with air vents, which only really would apply if the real bus was fitted with aircon. Another bit of proof that it is the old Drumwell tooling used, as that was only issued in 2 guises, both in dual door aircon form. Also, the rear grilles have been printed way too high up, showing that EFE quality is slipping again. I also had to touch in the offside indicator as the outline was printed, but not the indicator its self. whoops EFE.

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